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Rio stresses unity among Nagas

Correspondent Kohima, DEC 19 (NPN) | Publish Date: 12/19/2021 1:46:02 PM IST

State chief minister Neiphiu Rio said there was a dire need for unity among the Nagas for the State to progress.

Extending greetings at the 50th anniversary of Botsa Baptist Church (BBC) on Sunday, he observed that there were too many divisions both among the overground and underground armed groups in Naga society. 

Rio called upon all to forgive each another in order to live in peace and stand united to overcome those trying to divide the society.

Quoting from Mark 3:24-25 that states “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand,” Rio said Nagas would not progress as long as there were divisions.

He said people could overcome external forces and enemies, but no one could win if there were enemies from within.

If the people were united, together they could overcome the forces attacking them, he added.

Thanking people of Botsa for their continued support, Rio said he started his career as an area council member representing Botsa.

He recalled how Botsa used to be a thick jungle then, adding that the name could be loosely translated as “dense jungle” in Tenyidie dialect.

He said the place had now transformed tremendously and people in the area also had made a lot of progress.

He acknowledged that Covid-19 pandemic had affected the State, but pointed out that God had protected the people from destruction unlike other places where there were higher infection and death toll. 

He urged the people to live a “Christ-centric life and obey His teachings”.

Later, sharing the jubilee message on the theme “Shout Aloud”, Angami Baptist Church Council executive director Rev Dr V Atsi Dolie asked the people if they were ready to shout aloud with a clear conscience and without hesitation.

He said as long as people did not possess a guilt-free conscience, it was hard for them to make audible noise as their own conscience would not allow them to do so.

He said the path to a clear conscience began with truly forgiving each other.

He urged the people to overcome their differences as they celebrated the jubilee and also make amends with their fellow human beings.

The service was chaired by BBC associate pastor Ruokuovilie Zumu, while Nerhema Baptist Church pastor Rev Vilanyü Üsou read from the Bible and invoked God’s blessings.

Special numbers were presented by BBC youth, Gorkha Baptist Church, Botsa and Tsiemekhu youth.

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