Sunday, February 25, 2024

‘Culture, a source of strength & identity for Nagas’


Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, S. Phangnon Konyak on Saturday said culture and tradition are the source of strength and identity for Nagas.
Speaking at the launching programme of a book titled “Folktales of the Konyak Nagas” authored by E. Echu Konyak, here at NBCC platinum hall, the MP said a community writing its own stories and experiences was very important since Nagas came from an oral tradition.
She said such documentation has to be done now, or else the future generation would have a “distorted identity.”
Phangnon appreciated all who supported Echu in making the project a success.
In the publisher’s note, publisher and chief editor, Dr. Lanusangla Tzudir stressed on the urgent need to document the rich culture and traditions of Nagas.
She said that the textile which Konyak has, should also be documented.
Dr. Lanusangla lamented how writing about Nagas was initiated by outsiders and Naga writers were trying to dismantle some of the assumptions and correct what was written.
Independent researcher and freelancer editor, Dr. Vizovono Elizabeth in his address said the 28 tales in the collection was a treasure that needed to be heard, read, told and retold by young and old.
Meanwhile, the author, Echu Konyak thanked all who were involved in making the project successful and said the initiative transpired him being a village boy who was fascinated by sharing of stories among his peers.
The programme was chaired by asst. prof & HOD department of commerce Ngiplon Rachel Chohwanglim, KBBK pastor Z. Mankup Loam offered dedicatory prayer while students’ minityr coordinator NBCC Khrievino Sahu said the invocation.
The programme was attended by KUK and KNSK, friends, family and well-wishers.


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