Sunday, February 25, 2024

Transmission tower installed at Artang ward Mokokchung


Almost nine months after this paper published about a residential area at lower Artang ward, below Nagaland Christian Residential School Mokokchung which faced threat of landslide and damage of power grid electric tower, a new transmission tower at Okpu Road at Artang ward was completed as scheduled.
According to sources, a huge landslide occurred on the 66kV Mokokchung-Tuli single circuit transmission line within the district on August 1, 2021, which posed a threat to the tower and its surrounding areas. The transmission line acted as the key link in providing power to three districts—Mokokchung (Tuli area)-Mon-Longleng.
After thorough inspection and analysis of the crisis, the power department along with the district administration and responsible ward authorities took up the matter on priority and a new tower was completed in May 2022.


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