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2023 poll a gambling bout, highest bidder becomes winner: Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu


Congratulating Kuzholuzo Nienu and Achumbemo Kikon on their victory in the recent assembly election, NPF president Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu on Saturday said that the just-concluded election was purely a money game—”a gambling bout” where the highest bidder becomes the winner. NPF president said that party’s two MLAs, however, survived the onslaughts and emerged victorious.

Describing the two MLAs as “big winners”, Liezietsu also conveyed the party’s gratitude to all the supporters and well-wishers of 19 Phek A/C and 40 Bhandari A/C.
Speaking at the NPF felicitation-cum-thanksgiving event at the NPF central office here, NPF chief recalled that the recent election was in name only as political ideology and principles had no place. he said that even the election manifesto had no meaning for the people.
Dr. Shürhozelie said that with money power and other government machineries, the ruling alliance put in maximum efforts to crush NPF, the only regional political party in Nagaland.
Liezietsu asserted that out of 10 political parties that participated in the last election, nine were National political parties and NPF was the only Regional political party. He said that even as NPF could secured only two seats, there was no reason to be discouraged because NPF was the only party, which has its roots in the Naga society and on Naga soil while the rest were all “migratory political parties” in nature.

He encouraged the two leaders to hold NPF fort with pride because from this stem, which has its root in the unique history of the Nagas, new sooth would sprout when spring comes.
Party chief informed that in 2018 general elections, NPF won 26 seats though it could not secure the magic figure to form the government.
He said the journey started with high hope that the party could do better in due course of time. However, on the contrary, that hope continued dwindling away year by year and finally, the players in the field scored suicide goal and left the playfield before the time was over, he said.

On careful scrutiny, Liezietsu said it was suspected to be “a well-planned action with mischievous calculation” made by some of the former players to defect only at the eleventh hour so the original party was not given any chance to reorganise itself to face the election in 10 months’ time.
“Indeed, the purpose served them well in weakening the NPF party to its lowest ebb. But I do not admit that this was the weakness of the party and it was, indeed, a plan to destroy NPF but they have failed to achieve their ill motive goal,” Dr. Shürhozelie said.
Further, he said that former 20 NPF MLAs followed the “Pipe Piper” and joined another political party at the last moment of the tenure. He said there was no one to be blamed because the former might have taken the decision with high expectations.
Unfortunately, he said out of 21 MLAs, only seven of them got NDPP party tickets whereas 14 of them were deprived of their expectation by their masters and out of seven only three of them survived and the rest four failed to return.

Towards this, he said retrospection of the particular case may benefit the future politicians in Nagaland.
He thanked Azo, who led NPF in the electoral battle as leader, though the party could not do well as much as desired. “We have won two seats only but we called it a big win taking into account money and muscle power that was used against them by those political parties in power,” Liezietsu added.
Also, acknowledging NPF leaders from Manipur state unit, he said that even as the main central party in Nagaland the party was rendered almost helpless and therefore the party depended heavily on its in Manipur State.
The president thanked the NPF Manipur unit for their financial support and all other logistic support extended to NPF Nagaland at all times even to the extent of campaigning for NPF candidates in some constituencies. “Without them, our position will not be up to what we have today,” he said.
He also congratulated all the NPF official candidates for putting up a very good fight in their own constituencies and also expressed gratitude to the electorates who voted in favour of NPF candidates.
Party president also appreciated the electorates in Zunheboto town A/C where NPF candidate Akavi Sumi’s supporters donated paddy, rice, vegetables, animals and also money for feeding his workers. Though he lost the election, he said Akavi had set a model for the Naga people against a situation where money flows freely from other national political parties.
In his brief address, NPF Manipur president and Manipur minister Wangbow Newmai congratulated Azo and Kikon for their victory and assured to stand by the party and two MLAs, be it outside or inside the house.
Newmai said NPF was a respected party, where even the central leaders in Delhi recognized NPF as true representative of the Nagas irrespective of whether the party is in ruling or opposition, adding NPF’s decisions were viewed seriously.

Khuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu, MLA, in his address, thanked the party for organizing the event. Nienu said he and his colleague will strive hard to revive and re-strengthen the party. He also thanked Manipur NPF unit for all the assistance extended towards NPF Nagaland during the election period.
NPF secretary general Achumbemo Kikon, MLA, in his address said the party belonged to every Naga and thereby those who fought with NPF tickets were the true Nagas and the brave hearts.
He congratulated the other 15 candidates for standing strong till the end. Kikon said that since 1964 this was the first time since the party was reduced to single digit. However, he said there was never a year that registered nil.
Kikon also promised to strengthen the party at grassroots level and will perform well in the ensuing assembly session representing the voice of the Nagas.
Minister and MLAs from Manipur unit Khashim Vashum, L Dikho, Leishiyo Keishing, Ram Muivah and a host of officials from NPF Manipur unit and Central Office attended the meeting.
MLAs from Manipur state unit and other units also felicitated Azo and Achumbemo.


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