Tuesday, February 20, 2024

US’ intention of targeting Bangladesh has ill motive

Independent researcher and freelance columnist, Dhaka. Sufian Siddique

As the 12th National Assembly elections in Bangladesh are approaching, various foreign agents and domestic political parties are spreading heat in the political field. Especially since BNP, one of the political parties in Bangladesh, has been out of power for a long time due to various reasons, they are now running around in various foreign embassies. At such a time, the United States suddenly announced a visa policy for South Asia, which states that those who obstruct the fair elections in Bangladesh will not be considered for a United States visa. As a result, BNP is currently in trouble.

Recently the United States has changed its visa policy. The gist of the new policy suggests that the United States will not grant visas to anyone who forcibly occupies a booth or commits terrorism in Bangladesh elections. This visa policy of Americans has created a commotion in the political arena of Bangladesh. BNP says that Americans have accepted this policy today because of Awami League’s behavior, on the other hand, Awami League says that US-Bangladesh relations will not be affected because of this policy. Q- Who is the United States? What right does he have to interfere in the internal affairs of Bangladesh? The United States can show this audacity today because of the corrupt politicians of the country. The common people of Bangladesh never like American food. Because the United States has been able to suppress terrorism in their own country? Three days ago, terrorists shot dead three people at a joyous motorcycle procession in the United States. Every day in the United States, people are killed by gunmen. Recently, a citizen of Bangladeshi origin was killed by police in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was 20 years old, name Faisal. Human rights activists see Faisal’s murder as an act of racism. The murder was committed by a white police officer. Bangabandhu’s killers have taken refuge in the United States. It is known that one of Bangabandhu’s killers is still staying in the United States. The assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu on August 15, 1975 is the most brutal in the history of the world. The heroes of this heinous murder have been sheltered by the Americans. That US is now saying that the US does not harbor any terrorists. Any sane person who listens to this will understand what the Americans really want. So, the current visa policy of the United States is a hegemonic expansion strategy. The people of Bangladesh will never judge those political parties who have welcomed the US visa policy. USA is a war criminal like Pakistan during the Great War of Liberation. Because the United States supported Pakistan to prevent the victory of the Bengali nation in 1971. America sent the 7th Fleet to augment Pakistan’s military strength in the Liberation War. In 1971, the Seventh Fleet of Americans was coming towards Chittagong port to kill the people of the towns of Bengal. The US Seventh Fleet was forced to turn back in the face of the then Soviet Russia’s blockade. Therefore, the name of the United States should be listed in the Razakar list of Bangladesh. Just as Pakistan needs to apologize to Bangladesh as a state, the politicians in favor of the country’s liberation war claim that such a demand should be made to the Americans as well. A general survey shows that those political parties in Bangladesh who were not in favor of the Great War of Liberation supported the Americans. Americans are never friends of Bangladesh. If a politician says that the United States is Bangladesh’s friend, then it must be understood that the politician is playing Razakar’s spoon. Because the food situation in Bangladesh in 1974 was caused by the Americans. In 1974, there was a terrible flood in Bangladesh. All the crops of the country were destroyed by this flood. At that time, Bangladesh was war-torn and food-deprived. In 1974, the Americans took back shiploads of food to war-torn and flood-ravaged Bangladesh. As a result, severe famine was created in this country. In 1975, with the indirect support of US imperialist intelligence, some misguided army personnel of this country killed Bangabandhu, the greatest Bengali father of a thousand years. The purpose of this killing was to destroy the ideals and goals of the great liberation war. The Americans committed this murder with the aim of returning Bangladesh to the Pakistani ideology. Those who were involved in the 15th August 1975 massacre got asylum in America. Today, the good people of Bangladesh and some people of this country are smuggling money to America, so Americans have become friends of Bangladesh. Countries which opposed Bangladesh’s independence war can never be Bangladesh’s friend. Does America have democracy? Is the American election free and fair? Is the president of the United States elected by direct vote of the people? Those who support this US visa policy should think about these things. People vote directly in elections in the United States. But a person elected directly by the people cannot be the president. If he is not elected by Electoral College vote. It’s a strange democracy in America. No democratic people in the world will support it. According to Article 2 of the US Constitution, the Electoral College is the principal regulator of the United States’ indirect presidential and vice-presidential election process, whose votes elect the president and vice president of the United States. The number of electrical colleges in the United States is 538. If a person does not receive 270 Electoral College votes running for President or Vice President, he cannot be elected.

Many people will say that the electoral college is made by the people. So, the question is, what is the need for people to vote? Only the Electoral College can elect the President. In the 2020 presidential election, the number of voters in the United States was about 240 million. Out of this total electorate, 66.1 percent voted. The number of votes cast is 158 million. If 158 million present voters vote for one person, i.e., 158 million votes, no one can be elected president unless he receives 270 Electoral College votes. 538 people control elections and democracy in America itself. That America again teaches democracy to the whole world. So, it can be said clearly, the face of America is never free elections. The most brutal and terrorist country in the world is USA. Because the most women in the world are victims of rape in the United States. America is the country with the highest income inequality in the world. Ukraine is burning today because of America’s policy. This America keeps wars and conflicts all over the world. America is a haven for terrorists and corrupt people from all over the world. Seeing the harmony of two side by side friendly countries, America strategically prevented the war there. So, the politicians of Bangladesh should not listen to America. Because America did not want Bangladesh to become independent. People of Bangladesh should hate those countries who opposed the creation of Bangladesh.

Politicians of Bangladesh should discuss among themselves and find a way for free, fair and democratic elections.

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