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The modern day slaves of capitalist tendencies

It is always good to be connected to the trends of the present, but it is wiser to evaluate the basic question of why things are the way they are. Let me start by saying that my article is not a call for revolution or otherwise, but just a quick glimpse of the reality as it is. I hope to nonchalantly stir up a few questions and hope for a discourse on the matter, if it evokes a sense of importance and urgency on the matter.
The basic question that has always besotted me even as a boy is why some of the countries\societies are filthy rich and some poor. Everyone wakes up and goes to work but some are unable even to put food on the table. Gathered knowledge from books, specially history(which is always a glorification of the victors)I could make a rational conclusion and present a true picture of the world as it is in the 21st century.
That the ills of the world are because of a vociferous and ruthless advocacy of capitalism. The society does not have to be divided into rich and poor. How on earth did it come to this? Is the common man so stupid and unable to understand their state that they are lowered to the status of slaves? How did it come to this? Let me answer this question.
Everyone knows that no system of democratic governance can sustain without the consent of the people. So, call it fate or destiny, but at the initial stages, the workers of capitalism were actual slaves! They were kidnapped from the African continent and made to work in the estate of Europeans absolutely free. Food and lodging provided! This was acceptable to the society during those times, since these slaves were Africans, of a different race and the people didn’t care and minded their own business!
With the conscience of Man being upgraded, slavery was abolished. Capitalism upgraded too. European Colonies were now set up in Africa and Asia and this time, there was no need to kidnap workers. They simply invaded other territories and the vanquished people became slaves in their own land. They set up their plantations and farms for their raw materials, and sold these colonies the finished goods. The drain of wealth began, until one day the conscience of Man upgraded again, and after the Second World War the Europeans decided to leave.
The colonies were given freedom, under a new group of native capitalists who were experienced in the system and were now the owners of these free people. Democracy was installed in these countries and leaders were elected. But these birds after being set free from their cages had forgotten how to sing! So now, capitalism has upgraded.
For example, a factory is set up in a village. The people bring their own share of capital, work on it and when the finished goods are sold, the workers get the salary depending on the nature of their work, plus their share of investment. i.e a portion of the profit.
The matter is simple! This is not the case is it? The means of production are owned by the capitalists and all that the workers get is a daily wage, not the profit!
The above is a simple illustration. Capitalism doesn’t even care for its own countrymen. Jobs that can be done from anywhere are outsourced to other countries where labour is cheaper, so their own workers are left unemployed and the profit margins of capitalists are bigger! This is the true face of capitalism. “It’s a dog eat dog world” they say, but this is true only in the context of capitalism.
In conclusion, maybe it is time to click the refresh button and do a little soul searching. Don’t get carried away by the glitter and meaningless fancies of the things you come across.
We are at a “crossroad” someone VIP remarked, and this part of the country where the people are Indians by circumstance and not by choice, we should be careful of what we consciously choose.
I say this because we don’t have any means of production yet, we are at the primary agricultural stage of civilization, and any concrete steps in this direction should be done with full understanding. Honestly and personally, I say we should look out for each other as members of the herd, and as members of this beautiful and diverse human race.
K. Innoka Awomi
Nihoto Village, Niuland.
C/o Holywood School
Nihoto Village
P.o : Khehokhu
Niuland, Nagaland.

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