Tuesday, February 20, 2024

‘Where is Nagalim for Christ’ in Manipur?: NNPGs

Working Committee of NNPGs has pointed out that the recent meeting between Tangkhul Village Chiefs (Federation of Haomee) and Meiteis to restore lost ties, as reported in a section of the media, “declared what the Naga tribes knew all along for decades; the blood relations and the elder sibling status with Meiteis and the decision to jointly defend the territorial integrity of Manipur state.”
WC said “whether declared by a few or hundred villages, the recent declaration to protect the territorial integrity of Manipur has blown the lid off the bottle of falsehood, laying bare where Tangkhuls, as a community, historically, politically and administratively belong to.”
WC said Naga people appreciated the Tangkhul village chiefs for being truthful to their history and identity without fear. “Tangkhul families sheltering in Nagaland for decades ought to accept history, trace their root and embrace it with pride for it is not about geography alone but identity of a community,” WC maintained.
Further, WC asked when hundreds of churches were burned and many Christians killed during the recent violence in Manipur, “Where is Nagalim for Christ?” WC said “Nagalim for Christ” is an idolatrous slogan when it involved collaborating, extending moral support and assistance to their younger brothers-Meiteis- to kill Christians and pillage, vandalise, burn properties and churches.”
WC also said the article by NSCN (I-M) leader Rh. Raising who had opined that those who emigrated to other countries and granted citizenship then launch political movement for separate homeland etc was “an act of aggression”. WC said it was the same sentiment felt by NNPGs that a “person or persons from Manipur, cannot and has no right to lecture on the political future of Nagaland” adding “their addresses will always remain Manipur state.”
The statement was jointly issued by: GPRN/NSCN ato kilonser and convenor WC, NNPGs N. Kitovi Zhimomi;co-convenors-NNC/FGN kedallo Zhopra Vero; NNC (PB) ato kilonserToshi Walling; NSCN (R) president Wangtin Naga; NNC/GDRN president KiumukamYimchunger; NSCN (Isak-Luyanba) ato kilonser Isak Sumi; NNC/NPGN ato kilonser Shitoho Chophy; members- NSCN (R) ato kilonser P. Tikhak and ZUF chairman Sinthuingam Kamei.


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