Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Graduation & induction of new batch for tailoring

A graduation and induction of new batch for the tailoring training programme, a joint initiative of government of Nagaland, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Silver Spark and JK Trust, was held on June 26 with advisor, Transportation and Technical Education, Temjenmenba as the special guest.
A press release by PRO to advisor stated that in his address, Temjenmenba thanked JK Trust and all the stakeholders for giving a platform to Naga youths for employment by partnering with the department for the training programmes and job placements to the passed-out trainees.
Addressing the passed-out trainees, he encouraged them to be humble and dedicated to their work in their new place of placements, and thereby motivate and inspire other youths of Nagaland.
Temjenmenba said they were on an important mission as their role was not only to earn their livelihood there but also to prove that Naga boys and girls were equally compatible with the rest of the country.
“When you perform well, you are paving the way for other trainees to come and work. You have to be really careful because you are not only for yourself but you are paving and opening up the way for your friends to come and join you for more employment. Other companies will also recognize your efforts”, said the advisor.
To the new trainees, he advised them to perform well, be disciplined and dedicated.

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