Sunday, February 25, 2024

Parl panel calls representatives of LC, Law ministry on UCC

A parliamentary standing committee has called representatives of the Law Commission and the law ministry on July 3 on a recent notice issued by the law panel seeking views of stakeholders on the issue of a uniform civil code.
According to the schedule of the standing committee on law and personnel, it will hear the views of representatives of the law panel and legal affairs and legislative departments of the law ministry “on public notice issued by the Law Commission of India on 14th June, 2023, inviting views from the various stakeholders on the Uniform Civil Code, under the subject ‘Review of Personal Laws’”. Till Tuesday evening, the law panel had received nearly 8.5 lakh responses on its public notice. The Law Commission had on June 14 invited views from all stakeholders, including people and recognised religious organisations, on the politically sensitive issue.
A uniform civil code (UCC) typically means having a common law for all citizens of the country that is not based on religion. Personal laws and laws related to inheritance, adoption and succession are likely to be covered by a common code.
Implementation of a UCC has been part of BJP election manifestos. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday had made a strong push for a UCC, asking how can the country function with dual laws that govern personal matters.


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