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Bifurcation of 3 ethnic groups only solution in Manipur: RPPBifurcationBifurcation of 3 ethnic groups only solution in Manipur: RPP

Rising People’s Party (RPP) has said that there could be only one solution in Manipur– a bifurcation for all the three ethnic groups with executive, legislative and financial powers for the Nagas and Kukis.
In a statement, RPP pointed out that it was crystal clear that after the ethnic cleansing of tribals, the three ethnic groups of Manipur–Nagas, Kukis and Meiteis– could not live together.
The party alleged that almost two months since violence broke out on May 3, it was now beyond doubt that Manipur chief minister Biren Singh had conducted an insidious but calculated operation- the Manipur Experiment- to flush out every single Kuki living in Imphal valley.
It also alleged that the “Manipur Experiment” had burnt down almost every Kuki village on the foothills surrounding Imphal Valley with the help of armed Meitei extremists, resulting in tens of thousands of Kukis living in and around the Imphal Valley becoming refugees in Nagaland, Mizoram, Churachandpur, Guwahati, Delhi and elsewhere.
RPP said the RSS-Biren experiment to sanitise the Imphal valley was so well orchestrated that not only the Kukis, even the churches were affected. It cited reports to claim that hundreds of Meitei churches had been burnt down in Imphal Valley alone, besides the hundreds of Kuki churches burned in the valley and the surrounding foothills.
“Perhaps this is the reason why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been keeping silent to date– until the experiment reached its logical conclusion,” the release stated.
Now that the agenda of greater Meitei-land had succeeded encompassing the foothill areas belonging to the fleeing Kukis, RPP mentioned that the drama of Biren Singh stepping down was beginning to unfold, which it termed as an eyewash to show the world that the BJP central government was taking strong action to return Manipur to normalcy.
The RPP warned that the “Manipur Experiment” did not bode well for the Nagas of Manipur even if they were not the affected party now. It cautioned that Meitei extremism under State patronage would not stop on the doorsteps of Kukis and that it was important for them to raise their voice.
Condemning the ethnic cleansing of Kukis by the Manipur government, RPP mentioned that it was beyond any reasonable doubt that Biren Singh and the Meitei extremists had been planning the “Manipur Experiment” for a long time.
This also explained how thousands of Kuki houses in Imphal Valley were immediately identified, even in mixed colonies, and burned down on May 4, only a day after trouble started on May 3, the release added.


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