Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Nagas should beware of divisive forces: NSCN (Niki)

NSCN/GPRN (Niki) said all apex Naga civil society organisations (CSOs) should have been more welcoming and accommodating with the mechanisms or arrangements being worked out among the Nagas before involving the Centre on the issue of Frontier Naga Territory.
In a statement issued through its MIP, NSCN (Niki) noted that the concerns of the Eastern brothers should have been handled much better in cordial collaboration with the so called advanced tribes.
It admitted that ENPO areas had a very genuine grievance when it came to demanding parity in terms of economic development.
The group stated that Nagas should not be oblivious to the political churnings or the turbulent happenings in their neighbourhood. It stressed that they should be deeply mindful of their political aspirations, lest it be muddled like the ones doing the round in the neighbourhood.
MIP cited Manipur as a case in point, which it alleged was planned by adversaries who had wilfully aided in the chaos and had been long in the making, due to the insidious policy of divide and rule.
It said factionalism had always been a welcome sight in the eyes of the adversary, who had accepted it as a means to further divide the people to a manageable size.
MIP accused all ruling parties of the adversary of having always maintained a policy of encouraging directly or indirectly, so as to exacerbate factionalism to further strengthen their political reign over “our land and people”.
It alleged that the Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) had once again been arbitrarily sidelined, eroding the existing provisions of Article 371(A) of the Constitution of India.
“Manipur is one classic example that should open our eyes wide to the ominous fate that awaits the Nagas. Kuki vs Meitei, next round UNC vs? Any Indian political arrangement in Naga lands shouldn’t be the harbinger of division within our Naga society or an obstruction to the Naga political goals,” the statement emphasised.
The group mentioned that Naga people were the only hope for attainment of Naga political aspirations, adding that neither the Centre nor anyone could fulfil the aspirations.


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