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Uniform civil code (ucc) not applicable to the state of nagaland

The State of Nagaland was borne out of political problem unlike other states of India.
The special provisions given to Nagaland are Social and Religious rights, Customary laws, Ownership of land and its resources etc. Implementation of UCC will go against all these provisions which is also against the constitution of India.
Any Govt. should not try to break down the constitution by framing a law against the fundamental rights of its citizens to fulfil the wishes or dreams of its Govt. and to distort the tranquillity of the nation.
India is a land of diversity. Since immemorial people of different sections, group and regions have been practising their own culture ,tradition and religion and handed down from generation to generation till today. All Indians are not Hindu nor Muslims or Christians.
Diverse ethnic group enjoyed living with their own cultures in harmony with each other and that is why the pioneers of Indian constitution knowing fully the situation framed the constitution for unity in diversity.
The cultural, traditional and social values of each community in India can not be erased by framing a single or uniform civil code.
Hindus have their own valuable cultures, tradition , social and religious practices and so is other religion. One`s culture can not be applicable to others as there are reasons and deep meaning behind every cultures , tradition and religions. When India can live in harmony from generations with diversity in culture, tradition and religion, why should a new law be framed to disintsgrate India.
UCC will definitely bring chaos among the citizens of India.How can the Hindu cultures, religious practice be imposed upon Muslims/Christians or vice versa? This UCC will definitely distort the social fabrics and bring disunity among the people of India.
In the context of Nagaland UCC is not applicable . In Nagaland we have more than 16 tribes with different cultural set up and languages.
Moreover, Nagas have their constitutional rights to protect, preserved and followed their own social, religious , cultural and traditional practices. Nagas are different and have a unique history. Unique in their political history, culture and tradition.
Nagas were under external affairs even after the Indian Independence. In religion they are not Hindus.The Naga ancestral believed that there is one who controls the universe.
They thought that spirit is in big stones, trees etc and of fer sacrifices to them. Later in the 18th century they heard the gospel of Jesus and accepted Christianity by choice and not by force.
The Uniforn civil code(UCC) is going to interfere the social,religious,cultural, traditional rights and fundamental rights of its citizen by making one uniform law to follow which Nagas can not accept. Opposing to implementation of UCC by NDPP party , other political parties and civil organisations is appreciated.
All concerned Nagas should join in hand to fight against the framing and implementation of the UCC as this law will adversely affect the rights of the Nagas, the fundamental rights of every citizen and also distort the constitution of India.
The Indian constitution has rightly enshrined in its preamble – India is a Secular Democratic Republic. Nothing should distort, destroy or twist this preamble so as to live in peaceful coexistence among the people of India.
Wanthang Rengma
Retd.Director (G& M ),
Govt. Of Nagaland,

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