Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Clarity to economic vision

Dimapur reflects the spirit of enterprise of Nagaland and the state’s soul of trade and commerce besides being the heart of all tribes of the state including many from outside. It is the main gateway of Nagaland with a self-dependent economic foundation but all through the decades, it has missed out on vital infrastructural development. The government should first fulfil its obligation before it talks about wide economic visions and the first test starts at Dimapur, which is the laboratory for developing the desired module. Under such a situation, many predict that Dimapur would become the Old City like Old Delhi etc. There are too many ills that can be listed but suffice to say, there is now a need work towards viable solutions. There are primary needs which must be provided in order to put Dimapur back on track such as an efficient administrative and police machinery to thwart activities and growth of anti social elements and improvement in basic amenities such as power, water and cleanliness of the town. Mere construction of buildings without proper economic foundation would prove to be in vain, in the long run. One vital aspect is the task before the city’s authorities who will have to review decades of random planning as well as unwise decisions, which have led to the present mess. Like any city, Dimapur needs proper sanitation and an efficient sewerage system otherwise the entire city would be practically uninhabitable. Though the master plan for Dimapur has been practically shelved for want of political will, yet there is still something left in order to correct the drift. Though Dimapur city has missed out on many vital urban projects, yet basic requirements don’t have to be pursued only through narrowed schemes and projects. One of the need in Dimapur besides many others is for a multi-story parking lot. Earlier, New Market was identified for construction of a mall-cum-multi storey parking lot. However, those who held important positions in the civic body only pursued their selfish objectives and the grand proposal ended up as a pipe dream. Development is not restricted to providing facilities and amenities but to make better citizens through various programmes. This will also certainly add to the feeling of belonging to the city and also foster unity and harmony among various communities that live in this melting pot of Nagaland.. It is also time to seriously consider the imperative need to streamline the town’s transport system and introduction of private buses for various routes. Side by side, there is also a need to accord due importance towards improving railway and flight connectivity. What is therefore needed, is to mainstream all the concept and ideas to develop the town so that the positive fall out will help create much needed economic foundation not only of Dimapur but also the state. Dimapur has overgrown but is infrastructures have failed to match up. Today, Chümoukedima, carved out of Dimapur is growing fast and will soon overtake Dimapur as another economic zone. Development has to be on a wider scale to include Dimapur, Chümoukedima and Niuland. It is also time for planned expansion of Dimapur towards Chumukedima and Niuland where sufficient space is available for developing modern suburban townships to cater growing economic aspirations of everybody.

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