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4th Asia Music Summit Day 2 emphasizes business, networking

The second day of the 4th Asia Music Summit emphasized on business, networking, and the exchange of knowledge at the RCEMPA Complex in Jostoma on Friday. The second day of the Asia Music Summit was marked by insightful discussions covering diverse topics such as music education, festival programming, and challenges within the Music Market, accompanied by proposed solutions. Engaging Asian networking sessions took place, complemented by workshops addressing crucial aspects like creators’ rights, Royalty (IPRS), artiste management, and the agency landscape. Additionally, a mentoring session delved into the complexities of touring in Japan, exploring the associated challenges.

Speaking to the media, Kaushik Dutta, a seasoned music composer with three decades of experience, enthusiastically shared his musical journey as the Founder & President of MusiConnect Asia and the Asia Music Summit. He emphasized on a heightened focus on artistes’ well-being and sustainability, underlining the summit’s commitment to the music fraternity and expressed that the event was artiste-driven, marking a significant milestone and dream fulfilment, particularly holding such a summit in India, supported keenly by the state government for the 4th Asia Music Summit and also expressed gratitude to the Nagaland government.

Highlighting Nagaland’s cultural richness, Dutta shared the abundance of talents and musicians in the state and said that the primary objective of the summit in Nagaland was to showcase and uplift local talents. He informed that the international delegates play a crucial role not only in knowledge exchange but also in scouting bands and musicians, envisioning a platform for exporting talent, creating a market presence, and facilitating participation in diverse global festivals. He added that the summit aimed to create opportunities for local talents and facilitate international exposure for musicians.

Chairman TaFMA, Theja Meru, a friend of well-known Kaushik Dutta, revealed a collaborative initiative to globalize Nagaland’s music scene.
Describing the summit as just the beginning, Meru emphasized on shifting from a local mindset to a global perspective to boost musicians on an international scale and said the inaugural Asia Music Summit in Nagaland aimed to showcase the region and lay the foundation for future summits. Meru highlighted a forthcoming meeting on Day 3, where festival directors and officials would work on partnerships, intending to establish a “Kohima Declaration” and Post-summit. He informed that TaFMA would manage follow-ups, and a panel discussion by Shyamkanu Mahanta would explore the musical and soft power’s impact on the Northeast’s economic landscape.

Theja Meru and Kaushik Dutta. (NP)

Meru expressed hope that such events would broaden perspectives for both the public and musicians.
The daytime showcase featured stellar performances by notable bands, including Benry Moses, Imna Yaden, Jonathan Angami, and Abdon Mech. This multifaceted event not only addressed industry intricacies but also provided a vibrant platform for these talented musicians to captivate the audience with their performances, contributing to the rich tapestry of the Asia Music Summit’s second day. (Correspondent)

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