Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Naga poet releases 4th book


Renowned poet Wedekhro Naro marked the release of his fourth book, “Destined Apart,” in Kohima, continuing his literary journey since the debut of “True Love Keeps Moving” in 2018 on Saturday in Kohima.

Assistant Professor and Controller of Examinations at Kohima Science College, Jotsoma, Teisovi Gerard Meyase, graced the event by unveiling the collection. Dedicated to a friend in Kuwait, Naro described it as one of his most haunting works. Grateful to PenThrill Publication House and Vishü Rita Krocha for their recognition, Naro reflected on his childhood dream of becoming an author, realizing it 12 years later with his first book in 2018. Naro, having authored three previous books, attributes his inspiration to various encounters and random thoughts, shaping his distinctive poetic voice.

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