Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Prohibitory orders clamped in Diezephe and Tsithrongse villages

Staff Reporter

Following fresh tension between residents of Diezephe and Tsithrongse villages under Chümoukedima district on Saturday morning over land issue, Commissioner of Police Dimapur, Kevithuto Sophie imposed prohibitory orders under Section 144 of CrPC with effect from 6 p.m. of February 10 till further orders.

The discord between the two villages erupted on Saturday morning, approximately around 9 AM, which also resulted in significant property damage. Reports indicated vandalism of cemeteries, village signboards, gates, market sheds, and burning down of a house. Further, it was reported that around six to seven rounds were allegedly fired from 12 bore shotgun.

When contacted Sophie confirmed about the incident and said that prohibitory orders have been clamped to prevent the situation from deteriorating further. Though there has been breach of law & order/damage of public and private properties at Diezephe village and Tsithrongse village, Sophie assured that law enforcement authorities have successfully brought the situation under control.

Sophie said that police personnel and District Magistrate were deployed at the site to maintain order and ensure the safety of the residents.
The order prohibits assembly of not more than five persons, carrying lethal weapons and firearms including lathis, dagger/machete, sticks, spears, catapults or any other dangerous articles within Diezephe village and Tsithrongse cillage, also along the road stretch from Singrijan village Jn. towards Urra Village.

Arms to be submitted: In another order, CP, who is also the District Magistrate, has directed all arms licence holders of Diezephe and Tsithrongse villages to deposit their licensed arms to the nearest Police Station with immediate effect. Failure to comply with this order shall invite prosecution of the licence holder under the Arms Act and may lead to cancellation of arms licence, the order stated.


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