Saturday, June 10, 2023

Nagaland: 21 MLAs ask Therie to apologisefor allegations or face legal action

Erstwhile 21 MLAs of NPF who merged with NDPP, have demanded a public apology from NPCC president K Therie for alleging that each of them had received Rs 2.50 crore after merger out of money deducted from MGNREGA fund meant for developmental activities in villages.
In a notice on behalf of the 21 MLAs, Dr. Chumben Murry also threatened Therie of initiating defamatory proceedings against him in the court of law if he (Therie) failed to substantiate his allegations in complying with the request. Further Dr. Murry has also informed that all legal and financial consequences will be borne by Therie, while awaiting for his wisdom and prompt response.
Dr. Murry was referring to news reports on July 22 and August 7 which led the MLAs to hold a meeting on August 16 to deliberate and find the truth behind the allegations which Therie had put out in public domain, which tarnished their personal image as elected representatives of Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA).
Dr. Murry also revealed that it has been confirmed by each of the 21 MLAs that none of them had received Rs. 2.50 crore either in cash or in blank cheque as alleged by Therie’s consecutive press releases published on July 22 and August 7.
Dr. Murry also recalled that while the MLAs had on July 29, through a press release, sought evidence from Therie vis-à-vis his allegations, he had “sarcastically” stated that he “did not have any evidence because of blank cheque system” instead of providing any documentary proof.
Further, Dr. Murry also said Therie’s statement only aggravated the situation as the “wild allegations” were damaging and tantamount to character assassinations.
He said the MLAs had no qualms about anyone checking the system and government departments and pointing out the corrupt practices.
However, Dr. Murry asserted that making wild allegations without evidence was totally uncalled for, especially from a veteran politician of Therie’s stature. “Having been an elected member of NLA yourself, you should understand very well the negative impact that such false allegations have on members and, if you had been in our shoes, you would also find it hard to swallow such charges levelled against you without any truth behind it,” the notice stated.
In the light of the above, Dr. Murry said the MLAs were compelled to ask Therie to treat their notice in right earnest and sincerely hoped that he (Therie) would take their unhappiness into consideration and issue an apology in the same platform used to level the false charges and put to rest the matter once and for all, in true gentleman’s spirit.



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