Sunday, February 5, 2023

27 injured in bus accident near Tsiesema


A private commercial bus (Blue Hills) carrying over 45 passengers met with an accident while on its way to Dimapur on Sunday morning at around 7 a.m. in between Tsiesema and Peducha.
According to police, 27 people were injured in the accident.
The bus, on the way from Tuensang to Dimapur, turned turtle after the brakes reportedly failed to function. According some of the injured passengers, the driver had sounded alarm and warned the passengers of the brakes failing and soon after steered the vehicle to the roadside to prevent the vehicle from falling into a steep gorge, averting a greater disaster.
One of the passengers, said that most of the passengers were fast asleep at the time of the incident, thus getting very little time to brace themselves for the impact. He said after the bus landed on one of its sides, it skidded for some distance and finally came to a stop just a few meters short of a deep gorge.
He said that though most of them had sustained minor injuries, a lady passenger had to amputate one of her arms due to grievous injury.
The injured victim said that a medical team from Assam Rifles stationed at Tsiesema village were the first to respond.
Around 25 injured passengers were transported to Naga Hospital Authority Kohima and the Kohimas where they were being treated while some were discharged after being administered first aid.
Another injured passenger, who suffered a dislocated shoulder, disclosed that after the usual night super broke down at Tuensang, all the passengers from that bus had to be accommodated onto the ill-fated bus which resulted in an overload of more than 10 passengers.
Sharing his account about the whole incident, he said he had known the driver for a long time and vouched for him as an experienced driver.
Corroborating the account of the other passengers, he said their bus was held up unexpectedly for close to 5 hours at the landslide area at Wokha.
Later in the afternoon, a communique from Chieswema garrison of 5 sector Assam Rifles said they reached the site of the accident at around 7:30 a.m. and tended to the injured victims.
Four of the seriously injured passengers were given first aid at the spot and later all the injured passengers were shifted to Kohima for treatment.

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