Tuesday, January 31, 2023

3 dead and 2 injured as truck runs over

Three people died and two more were injured when they were run over in the early morning hours of Saturday near the Kaziranga National Park. According to reports, a total of five people were run over by a speeding truck during the dawn hours of the day, reports the Sentinel.
Three of them succumbed to injuries, while two are under medical treatment. The speeding truck apparently broke the barricade on the shoulder of the road and fall into a ditch after running over the people.
The incident took place near the Hatikuli area of Kaziranga. Initial reports from the police suggested that a search was underway for more people who might be buried under the coal, which the ill-fated truck was carrying.
“The truck was coming at high speed on the NH 37 at Hathikuli, Kaziranga at around 5-5:30 AM. The vehicle hit the people, killing three and injuring two,” mentioned a police official. The dead had been identified as Sikander Karmakar, Jagannath Karmakar and Agnesh Karmakar, and they are believed to belong to the same family.
A strict speed limit law is in place near the Kaziranga National Park to avoid injuries and death of wild animals that might come on the road. The speeding of a truck on that stretch of road proves that not all vehicles follow the speed regulation in the area.
Also, the traffic section of Assam Police is working towards the strict imposition of road safety regulations. But amidst all the precautionary measure, a speeding truck mowing down several people on a road with speed restrictions raise questions about safety on the road, especially in the regions where heavy vehicles are in play.

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