Friday, December 2, 2022

3 minors physically and mentally abused

Staff Reporter

One person, a male supposedly a ‘chief manager waste management’ was arrested by Dimapur Police on November 3 following a probe on complaints that led to a shocking discovery of the house of horror at Namgalong Colony, Burma Camp Dimapur, where three minors from Lungwa were made to work as domestic servants, physically tied up, abused, not given proper food and also subjected to mental torture.
According to Bharat Laxman, ADCP(Crime) & PRO Dimapur police, the male nabbed on November 3 was identified as one Amos Ezung supposedly involved with waste management with Dimapur Municipal Council . Police said the other accomplice, a female identified as Ronika Miachieo, described as an “environmentalist” and the main culprit was evading arrest.
Both Ronika Miachieo and Amos Ezung are acquaintances and also part of Dimapur Task Force under the patronage of Dimapur Municipal Council for beautification of the city. Both had recently been awarded the work for felling over 400 trees along Naga Shopping Arcade(Super Market) and also for beautification of the area cleared off trees by the DAN and district administration.
Under the guise of being a so-called evangelist- missionary, Ronika Miachieo used to take trips to innermost districts under the guise of seeking to provide free education and care for children of the poor sections .
In the same manner, Ronika had duped parents of the three children, two boys aged 10 and 13 and a girl aged 9 sometime in 2020 from Lungwa by promising to offer free education and lodging.
However, the so-called angel of mercy turned out to be a devil in disguise who along with her male accomplice not only physically but also psychologically scarred the children for life.
The PRO said the minors had also informed the police that they were forced to do all households chores , tied up and physically abused and not given proper food. He said that the minors also informed the police that Ronika’s acquaintance Amos used to visit the house and involved in abusing them.
Out of the three, the condition of the 10-year-old boy was found to be in a critical condition and was admitted at Eden Hospital here, the PRO added.
Police said whenever parents talked with the children, they were forced lie that they were attending classes and also passed exams.
PRO also said police had formed a special team to apprehend Ronika. A case had also been filed at Mon Police Station under relevant sections of IPC, The Child Labour (Prohibition And Regulation) Act and Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, he added.
Meanwhile, Namgalong colony leaders comprising of the council, youth body and women organization have also called for a meeting on Saturday to discuss on the matter.

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