Wednesday, June 7, 2023

30-day theatre workshop concludes at Maple Tree School

The culmination of a 30-day production-oriented theatre workshop held in collaboration with the National School of Drama, New Delhi and Hill Theatre Nagaland was witnessed with a play, “The Case of Longti Village,” unfolded on the stage of Maple Tree School in Dimapur.
Directed by Bendang Walling, the adaptation of the novel by Sentilong Ozukum left the audience spellbound with its exceptional performances and profound storytelling.
The intimate setting of the venue welcomed approximately 200 passionate theatre enthusiasts who eagerly anticipated the performance by the 15 workshop participants. Under the adept guidance of Bendang Walling, an alumnus of the National School of Drama, the play was meticulously designed by Victor Singh, alumnus of the London School of Performing Arts and Uto Chishi, alumnus of NSD New Delhi, with Kilangtemsu Imsong, alumnus of NSD, Tripura serving as the assistant director.
The evening was hosted by Limasenla Jamir while Alobo Naga graced the occasion and encouraged the young generation to embrace the journey of life through the art of theatre.
During his speech, director Bendang Walling expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Maple Tree School and its proprietor, Sanen, for their unwavering support in hosting the 30-day theatre workshop. He acknowledged their appreciation for the promotion of theatre arts in Nagaland, emphasizing that the main focus of the workshop was on the holistic learning process, using theatre as a means of fostering mental and physical flexibility.
Alobo Naga, expressed admiration for the well-polished play, commending the dedicated production team for their outstanding work in makeup, costume design and stage direction.
Director of Dreamz Unlimited, Tiakumzuk Aier, also shared his insight on his experience, adding “The play is a powerful and thought-provoking exploration of the impact of coal mining on a community.”


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