Saturday, December 2, 2023

31st Loyem Memorial Trophy kicks off

The 31st Loyem Memorial Trophy commenced with an air of excitement and commitment at the Astro Turf Loyem Ground in Tuensang town on October 17 17 under the theme, “Soar high on sport rather than drugs” with chairman DPDB Tuensang, Imtichoba, MLA, as the special guest.

The tournament is being organized by Chang Wedoshi Setshang in collaboration with Chang Sports Association (CSA). In the opening match, the defending champions, Son Kük Laang FC, exhibited their dominance on the field, overpowering Aumei FC with a resounding 8-1 victory. The tournament witnessed its first hat-trick from Ayen Chang from Son Kük Laang FC. The defending champions showcased exceptional skill and teamwork, setting a high bar for the contenders.

The second match witnessed a clash between Kuthur FC and DEF Tuensang. DEF Tuensang emerged triumphant with a convincing 4-0 win, demonstrating their tactical prowess and goal-scoring proficiency. The match showcased a blend of strategy and precision as DEF Tuensang secured a solid position.

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Speaking at the inaugural programme, Imtichoba disclosed that in the next DPDB meeting, a visionary decision will be taken to install lights at the venue, paving the way for night matches, a transformative addition to the tournament’s legacy. The MLA expressed shared determination to eradicate the challenges of drug menace while urging young players to steer clear of harmful addictions.


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