Monday, October 2, 2023

43rd Naga Republic Day speech of NSCN/GPRN-Reformation President, Y. Wangtin Naga

This great day of 43rd Naga Republic Day is the part of 77 years of our genuine political struggle right from 14th August 1947 Naga Independent declaration. Our political struggle has its own historical facts which cannot be denied by any nation of the world including India because it was not the case of Naga against India but purely the case of defending our motherland from forcible occupation by the foreign powers. The Ceasefire declared between India and Nagaland in 1964 was a forgotten history till both the NSCNs (NSCN-IM and NSCN-K) officially signed formal Ceasefire with India in 1997 and 2001 respectively, followed by political engagement although fratricidal killing continue in Naga home land between two NSCNs till (Forum for Naga Reconciliation) initiated total peace and signed a historic concordance in Chiangmai (Thailand). The present days are different from the past as confidence massively built between the GOI and Naga negotiators leading to the conclusion of forma l talk by agreeing certain political arrangement for the Nagas, wherever they may be.
The NNPGs/WC have completed negotiating part and made known to the Nagas what have been discussed and agreed upon between India and the Nagas. The NNPGs/WC maintained total transparency as talk is held for the Nagas basing on the political history on sovereignty issue. Now, the ball is in GOI’s court and the Naga people should simply observe as to how far she is serious to solve long pending Naga political issue. The GOI should be serious to fulfill what was promised. Come, let us reason together and act together instead of taking its own position and justify oneself. The present peaceful environment must not be disturbed as it is God given peace, let us preserve it for our common good. No one should invite the atmosphere of fratricidal killing for any reason, rather let us come together to fulfill the long desire of the Naga people.
‘God bless Nagaland’


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