Monday, February 6, 2023

450 treated at medical camp at Okotso village

A total of 450 people including children were treated with free medicines at the medical camp held at Okotso village, Wokha on August 13.
In a press release, OMS president, Rev. J. Thungjamo Lotha informed that the medical camp was conducted by Okotsoe Mission Society (OMS) for the people of Sungro range. At the medical camp, Dr. P. Ngullie, Dr. Joel Ngullie, Dr. E. Phyantsüthung, Dr. Vincent Merry, Dr. Epipeni L. Humtsoe, Dr. R. Zechano Ezong, Dr. Joshua Murry, Dr. Renben N. Ngullie and Dr. Pankathung Ezung rendered their services. Meanwhile, a one-day seminar on the theme, “Health Awareness” was also organized at Okotoso Baptist Chruch with Dr. P. Ngullie as speaker. OMS expressed gratitude to all the doctors for their invaluable services at the medial camp.

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