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75th year of Naga Political struggle with Govt. of India

Naga declared Independence and hosted Naga flag on 14th August 1947, one day ahead of India Independence day and sent cable to U.N.O Headquarter, ‘Please put in your record that Naga became Independent’ and they acknowledge the letter. Today after 75 years International community recommended to repeal AFSPA. Twelve North East-based civil society organisations (CSOs) claimedthat five countries have recommended India to repeal the controversial Armed Forces (Special) Powers Act (AFSPA) during the recent meeting of the United Nation Human Rights Council (UNHCR) held in Geneva under the 4th Cycle of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on November 10, 2022.
In a joint statement the 12 CSOs of the north east claimed that the following countries made the recommendation- Estonia, Canada, Croatia, Czechia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Belgium, Lithuania, Italy and Greece, recommended India to respect freedom of expression.
The 12 CSOs claimed that the five countries raised the issue while reviewing India’s human rights record.
The issue of AFSPA was raised by five countries – Germany and US in the advance question prior to the session and Norway, Belgium and Pakistan during the session itself.
Germany, in the advanced question prior to the session, raised the issue of AFSPA as the first issue.
The country asked whether the Indian government should consider revising the AFSPA with a view to bringing it into compliance with obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and fighting impunity.
USA also raised the issue in its advanced question saying that “We note the government of India’s rollback of the Armed Forces mote accountability and justice.”
“We continue to have concerns about section 197 of the Indian Code of Criminal Procedure, which does not fully address accountability for security forces and prevents victims from accessing justice,” the country added.
Norway, in its 4th recommendation, urged India to revise the AFSPA to ensure compliance with obligations under the Inter- national Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and consider reducing the Act’s geographic scope.
Pakistan also demanded repeal of the AFSPA, Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act, National Security Act, Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019, and the National Register of Citizens. Belgium, its recommendation urged to withdraw the AFSPA 1958 and 1990 from the districts where it remains fully or partially in jurisdiction.
The joint statement was issued by the 12 CSOs- Apunba Manipur KanbaImaLup AMKIL), Arunachal Citizen Rights ACR), Borok People’s Human Rights Organisation BPHRO), International Peace and Social Advancement (IPSA), Extrajudicial Execution Victim Families Association, Manipur (EEVFAM), Human Rights Alert (HRA), Human Rights Defender, Manipur (HRDM), Human Rights Initiative (HRI), Indigenous Perspective (IP), Manipur Alliance for Child Rights (MACR), Youth Collective Manipur (YCM) and Zo Indigenous Forum (ZIF). CSOs said that the 130-member states made 339 recommendations highlighting some of the most urgent human rights concerns in the country.
From the side of the civil society groups of the North East, BablooLoitongbam of Human Rights Alert (HRA), KhuraijamAthouba, of the International Peace and Social Advancement (IPSA) and CLalremruata of the Zo Indigenous Forum participated in the review meeting.
In its national report submitted to the UN ahead of its UPR review, the Indian government claimed “it is firmly committed to the promotion and protection of human rights.”
The CSO, in the joint release, hoped that the Indian government would accept these recommendations and not simply “take note” of the recommendations.
“What actually matters to the citizens is the implementation of human rights on the ground,” the release added.
A week back PCONPI appeal GOI to clear the deck. They claimed all obstacles were removed for Naga Political Settlement. Ball is in the court of GOI. They are prepare to step down to pave the way for Naga Political final settlementhonourable and acceptable.
It is hypocrisy of a leader who preaches none-violence and practice violence. When the world community celebrated Mahatma Gandhi 128th Birth Anniversary was the first None-Violence day on 2nd October, 2007. The world admired his philosophy as his dream was translated into reality and adapted his philosophy to deal in world peace. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi said “Victory come not from might but come from moral courage to resistance of submission from imposition”. Dr. Manmohon Singh said“People may wonder of what use is none-violence in the present day, but it is relevant even today as the way of life and governing the country”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed and proud of champion of Human right and biggest democratic Nation in the world and highest population in the world.
Have India forgotten all what they have done to Nagas last 75 years? India also must aware of the spirit of Afro-Asia solidarity conference Agreement, was it not India become leader of None- Alignments conference which proclaim the right of people for self determination of indigenous people.
How can India d
enied that India liberation force help MuktiBehani reminded from East Pakistan and make then Bangladesh. A few years back it appeared in “Outlook Magazine” dated on 14th February, 2011, Ashok Mehta who was GOC Indian Army Liberation Force Command on the August 16, 1971 was invited in Bangladesh Independence Day.
Chief of Army General Abdul Muken his welcome address he said “Without you we would not be a country”
It will happen to Naga People, if India does not believe the right of Naga People.
Mike WooldDridge reported in BBC on 10/10/1997 that “If you are from Britian you will be asked by some with a great courtesy to convey to the Queen a request that she should apologies for Britain for letting the Naga down”. Should Naga expect from the President of India to apology to Naga People.
Nagas are wondering what India has right to prolong the Indo-political issue hanging.
Naga had agreed to make Cease-fire with India three times. But no leader has political will to solve Naga problem. We personally met 8 Prime Ministers and 10 Home Ministers in different Regime. And all of them acknowledge that Nagaland is political must solve with honorable and acceptable but never clear the deck.
It may be true what Simsanjit Singh then the president of SeromonniAkaliDal observed “India with its might won’t carry on the talk but happy to tire out Naga leader or win over with money and promise of power within the current India system that has been the policy in the hinder Indian with a political dissent. If a Naga leader holds with their demands only alternative would to go back to bush.” It would have been different story. If Naga people were recognised self determination, at the time when Great Britain gives up his crown, by now we should have been develop as any other Asian country with dignity and pride. But we were oppressed and suppressed with black law for the last 75 years. Nagas are wondering what India has right to keep Naga by force using AFSPA as a tool to suppress Naga Political right. An example Oting incident last year in Konyak area still not yet settled the case.
Rev. Dr. V.K Nuh,
Naga Archives and
Research Centre

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