Wednesday, June 7, 2023

AAGBA calls off indefinite bandh

An emergency meeting with the members of Ato Area GBs Association (AAGBA) and executive engineer (R& B) was held on March 31 at Deputy Commissioner Niuland conference hall in connection with the indefinite bandh called by the association.
As per the minutes of the meeting, held under the chairmanship of DC, several resolutions were adopted where the EE PWD (R&B) assured the house that the work would continue without stopping till completion.
With regard to the memorandum (point No.1) for placement of machineries at Hozukhe village by March 31, based on the advice of the EE, that the work progress would hamper, the house resolved to let the work continue from as before. It was also agreed that the EE would ensure that the contractor complete the work at the earliest without compromising the quality and the work to be implemented according to DPR specification.
It was also decided that AAGBA would supervise the work under Ato Area jurisdiction and co-ordinate with EE PWD R&B on a regular basis.
Based on the abovementioned assurance, the members decided to call off the bandh in the interest of the general public.


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