Thursday, February 9, 2023

AAP to contest assembly polls


Asu Keyho appointed AAP State president

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday declared it was ready to contest the forthcoming Assembly elections and also appointed former MLA Asu Keyho as State president.
Announcing this at a press conference on Wednesday, AAP secretary in-charge of Nagaland Rajesh Sharma said the party would be contesting the Assembly polls but did not specify how many seats it would contest other than saying it was looking for good and serious candidates. It may be noted that AAP made its political debut in Nagaland by fielding two candidates during the 2018 elections– 2 Dimapur-II Assembly constituency (AC) and 4 Ghaspani-I AC.
He noted that there has been a growing demand for change in the State and the party was open to those willing to bring changes.
Sharma said the party was formed with the aim of fighting corruption, which was also the main issue in Nagaland. He alleged that corruption in Nagaland was deep-rooted too and that it had crippled development in healthcare, road infrastructure, etc. He remarked that it was the right moment for the people of Nagaland to rise and vote for good governance, honest politics and development by eliminating corruption from politics.
He claimed that rooting out corruption from the country and delivering quality education, healthcare and road infrastructure were the key objectives of AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal.
Meanwhile, Keyho on his party claimed that AAP was a party that delivered and pointed out that the best witnesses were the students and government employees in Delhi all of whom experienced the governance of AAP president and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. He mentioned that he sensed that the Nagas too yearned to support the party in Nagaland.
With election date inching closer, he exuded confidence that people would come forward and join the party and sow the seeds of AAP in Nagaland to give new hope to the younger generation.
To a query on his vision as president of AAP, Keyho replied that he intended to discard Hornbill Festival, which had become an abominable act in the context of Naga beliefs and culture because Nagas had never in the past worshipped or idolised hornbill or other creature as they were seemingly doing today.
He assured the people that if voted to power, AAP would bring transparency and ensure recruitment in government jobs based on merit and where 80% marks would be set aside for written tests,10% for academic excellence and 10% for interview.
Asked if AAP was ready to form any alliance, Sharma said the decision would be made after the coordination meeting.
He remarked that AAP was a young party of 10 years with limited resources and thus was facing difficulties while expanding. He however pointed out that the party was ruling Delhi and Punjab and also had five MLAs in Gujarat and Goa.
On Naga political issue, he said broad-based discussion would take place on the matter and that AAP’s vision for Nagas would be shared soon.
Host of AAP officials were also present at the press meet.

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