Monday, February 6, 2023

AAPO, AAYO appeal for ‘cohesive Moka’

Angjangyang Area Public Organization (AAPO) and Angjangyang Area Youth Organization (AAYO) have appealed to every upright citizen and civil society organisation of 48 Moka assembly constituency to distance oneself from having prejudiced opinion and refrained from issuing statements against the sentiment of the government.
In a joint statement, AAPO president Hamchen and AAYO president S Hanghuh said that Moka A/C was administered by two adjacent administrative circles and RD Blocks—Mopong EAC circle under ADC and RD Block Tobu and Angjangyang circle under ADC Aboi and RD Block Chen—causing huge inconvenience to the general public and jeopardizing the smooth functioning of government works.
However, in 2008 and 2011, the two bodies said the state government under the leadership of the chief minister Neiphiu Rio, the Angjangyang SDO (Civil) and RD Block were created respectively, with the “good intention” to amalgamate under a single umbrella so as to provide relief to people from untold grievances.
As such, considering the decision “as a good fortune” for the future and all-round development of the constituency, the two bodies urged upon the people to rather bring forth constructive inputs in the interest of the community.
They pointed out that on August 17, 2021 the combined consultative meeting of Mopong circle headed by KU Mopong Unit, MHSU & GB Union and Angjangyang circle headed by ad-hoc town committee, KU Longchang Unit, LASU & GB Union was held at Angjangyang town.
At the meeting, both the parties resolved to put aside the disparities and focus on the matters concerning 48 Moka A/C.
They said the meeting unanimously adopted resolutions and formed a core committee consisting of the following members Yangkon Konyak – president (KU Mopong Unit) as convenor; N. Chaohong, as co-convenor; president, LASU; president, MHSU; GB Union President of Mopong Hongkong and Longchang; vice chairman, Angjangyang Ad-hoc town committee.

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