Monday, January 30, 2023

AASA organises under-16 ‘football bumper’

Aro Area comprising of 11 villages under the aegis of Ato Area Sports Association (AASA) under Western Sumi Sports Association (WSSA)organised the first under 16 “Football Bumper” at Nihokhu village.
In a press release, president Ato Area Sports Association (AASA) Vito stated that the Bumper was inaugurated by Chairman Ato Area GB’s Association (AAGBA), Sheyipu head GB of Hozukhe village.
At the event, president Western Sumi Sports Association (WSSA), Vikuto Zhimomi also exhorted the young players and wished them success in their endeavors.
In the meet, Hozukhe village emerged as the winner and Nihokhu village as runners-up.
Hinoto of Hozukhe village won the best player award; Kupuvi of Hozukhe village won the award for scoring the highest goal, Vika also from Hozukhe village as best goal keeper and Tokito of Nihokhu village bagged the best defender award.

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