Tuesday, June 6, 2023

ACAUT demands strong anti-criminal law to curb taxation

ACAUT Nagaland has demanded that the State government should mull introducing a stringent anti-criminal law, with or without the removal of AFSPA vis-à-vis the Oting massacre, to curb the menace of multiple taxation.
In a press release, ACAUT convener Tia Longchar, co-convenor Simon Kelio and secretary Hetoi Chishi said 25 years of ceasefire had resulted in a dozen of legitimate NPGs, which were likely to increase further.
They alleged that ground rules under the ceasefire were defective and had scuttled the purpose due to inherent loopholes. They mentioned that for too long these lacunae had been exploited and had allowed forced collections and multiple taxation, making the majority of the citizens suffer unbearably.
Hence, demanding that the chairman of Ceasefire Monitoring Board should rectify these flaws before any future ceasefire extensions, they also insisted that cadres of various Naga political groups (NPGs) should be kept under strict surveillance along with stringent restrictions on movement by arm cards holders, while all designated camps should be adequately provided for.
Recalling Naga people of NPF’s promise of Naga solution “within 3 months” in 2003 and BJP’s declaration of “election for solution”, ACAUT said the formation of second opposition-less government for Naga solution would face litmus test in next year’s general election.
Thus, this time the responsibility and importance to choose the right people’s representatives had come upon the Naga electorate as never before, the release stressed.
The trio asserted that Naga public could not be taken for a ride anymore, adding that the tipping point for a public revolution was drawing near.
Noting that the million-dollar question was whether a few hundreds of Nagas be allowed to control the fate and future of hundreds of thousands of Nagas or break this depraved vicious cycle once and for all, they stressed when the right time would come for call to action, it should be the bounden duty of every right thinking citizen to rise to the occasion and partake in transforming Nagaland.
According to the ACAUT leaders, some unscrupulous elements of late had been targeting the transport sector in the State, which was generating employment and had contributed immensely to the economy. They said transport agencies making direct deliveries had led to exponential growth of online shopping earning revenues for the State as well as creating jobs for youth.
Referring to two recent disturbing instances faced by local business community in a short span of time that had been publicised in most local newspapers, they said around 6,000 permitted taxis rendered essential transportation service within and outside Nagaland, providing gainful employment and sustaining many families. They mentioned that All Nagaland Taxi Association (ANTA) had its raised voice against the unabated taxation by multiple NPGs that reached a back-breaking point for its members, especially because of the pandemic, even as they reiterated the public resolution of “One Government, One Tax”.
They also cited the mental harassment faced by two hardworking and courageous mothers running a goods transport agency in the hands of a non-local kingpin named Joshi, who was harboured and protected by some locals with vested interests.
Mrs Tokali and Mrs Khesheli had been bringing in the highly-sought-after second-hand bales through their East India Transport Agency without paying to the syndicate and selling them few thousands cheaper to mostly Naga women working to feed their families. The duo’s defiance of the diktat of the syndicate had ruffled the feathers of higher echelons among the divided NPGs, but who were all united on unabated taxation.
They lauded Dimapur Police for doing a commendable job by arresting Joshi as per the FIR lodged.
According to the ACAUT leaders, the panacea to all these livelihood threatening and survival issues was bringing about an honourable political settlement at the earliest.

TUD lauds Dimapur police

Tenyimi Union Dimapur (TUD) has lauded the “active Dimapur police personnel” in arresting Joshi, for running a syndicate.
In a press note, TUD president Vekhosayi Nyekha further urged the district administration and the police to leave no stone unturned and to nab all the others involved, and uproot such evil practise from the bottom, once and for all. TUD said it also took serious note of the current scenario where extortion by the so-called nationalists were rampant, making the innocent public suffer.
The union appealed to all right thinking citizens and social welfare bodies to rise to the occasion to save the dying society.


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