Monday, February 6, 2023

ACAUT endorses 15 tribal hohos’ message to Centre

ACAUT Nagaland has fully endorsed and hailed the 15 tribal hohos for the timely message to the Central government for early settlement of the Naga political issue, reiterating the August 31, 2019 declaration of six tribes of ENPO and eight tribes of Nagaland.
In a press note, ACAUT convener Tia Longchar, co-convener Simon Kelio and secretary Hetoi Chishi said the hohos had rightly termed BJP’s slogan “Election for Solution” as deception and therefore Nagas should not be hoodwinked with another sugar-coated slogan or phrase. As one of the world’s oldest civilisation, they stressed that India should not trample and throttle the rights of young Naga society with Machiavellian politics. They also noted that the hohos’ representation to Prime Minister for early solution as the utmost desire of Nagas seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.
To express their loss of faith in fulfilling the poll promise, ACAUT said the Naga public should now register their protest against the betrayal by coming out on the streets. ACAUT stated that the projected strong central top leadership of BJP seemed weak when it came for a decisive verdict to conclude a ceasefire started 26 years ago. They warned that going ahead with election just to fulfil the constitutional obligation and driving the citizens to another bout of unabated taxation with exploding corruption would push Nagaland to a state of chaos and anarchy.
“When hope is snuffed out from the students and youth, when development is compromised and investment opportunities are stalled due to the protracted political conflict without settlement. When unity has become a casualty in the social fabric of the Nagas society due to fissures of divisions in all possible boundaries, where the agencies of the GoI are busy splitting Naga Political Groups into dozens and instantly signing ceasefire agreements. In the state of Nagaland, when the people living below the poverty line and unemployment statistics are among the highest in the country, in a state where the basic human dignity is petered away, it is only a matter of time that Nagaland will be tagged a failed state,” they cautioned.
At a time when the tribal apex hohos had taken the lead as endorsed and mandated by Nagas, ACAUT called upon people of Nagaland to rise to the occasion and be ready to carry out delegated responsibility when the call was made for their collective future.

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