Thursday, March 30, 2023

Accolades to Sumis – A Trendsetter

Notwithstanding the fact that the State of Nagaland inhabited by 80% Christians , literacy rate showing up-ward trend @ 80%, electioneering system in Nagaland is utterly bereft of rules/code of conduct guaranteed by the constitution. Leaders from all walks of life consciously or unconsciously conformed to the system; philanthropies and many spiritual leaders too are no exception. Muscle and money power talk during elections whereas Truth, Justice, universal adult franchise and Godliness takes a back seat. The realities of election in Nagaland is all about money game, intense rivalry between the parties/village/zone, bloodshed, lost of lives and properties, excessive used vof alcohol and addictive substances, playing cards and carom, less family life and more social life. On the eve of every elections, NBCC, Association of Churches shelled out Time, energy & resources in launching clean election campaign through the length and breadth of the state, women and Prayer- warriors spent better part of their times praying and fasting for clean, fair and peaceful election but sadly till today nowhere the spirit is inculcated and in most case money continued to play a defining factor. . Crushing defeats of 2023 anti-corruption candidates GB.Kahuto Chishi Dimapur-III, Er.Mesenlo Kath Kohima Town, Akavi N Zhimomi 4 Ghaspani-1,Thomas Konyak Tizit are glaring proof that MONEY & INFLUENCE IN VARIOUS MANNER STILL REIGNS for winning election in Nagaland.
When naga society is hopelessly reeling beneath clouds of chaos and utter disorder , brave sumis have orchestrated a trend during 2023 election which can only carry us forward if pursue and emulates both in letter and spirit; a trend to ensure progress and prosperity:
(i) There was no report of election related bloodshed in sumi areas during 2023 NLA election inspite of being known as daring and warrior tribe amongst the nagas.
(ii) Sumis have set up 2(two) young and vibrant anti-corruption candidates in the persons of GB Kahuto Chishi & Akavi N Zhimomi who have been voicing against all forms of corruption in the state for the past few years. Their Voices on corruption and clean election might not be pleasant for some ; their
(iii) preaching and teaching might have vanished in thin air for now but it is hope that awareness created by them today especially participation in the election without using money and influence will go a long way in bringing naga society in the right track.
(iv) Nagas, being a patriarchal society, there have been a gender regressive practices. Stiff opposition by all naga civil societies to hold ULB election in Nagaland which embodied 33% women reservation for almost 20 years is proof enough of gender disparity.
However, challenging chauvinistic attitudes and to bring about an equitable society, Sumis have mandated Smti.Hekani Jakhalu Kense, to represent Dimapur-III, a promising and enterprising young Entrepreneur & Lawyer-turned politician and created history of electing the first woman to the 14th House of the NLA by universal adult franchise. Electing Hekani Jakhalu Kense and inducting as Advisor of Industries & Commerce Department is not only a major breakthrough for gender equality in the history of naga women but also a fulfilment of a long cherished dreams of the young naga entrepreneurs in general and Department of Industries & Commerce in particular. Right person for the right job.
(v) Electing Shri Kazheto Kinimi unopposed from Akuluto Constituency conveyed that electorates should not set up candidates for the sake of wining the election but with the purpose to lead the people towards progress and development. Barrack Obama once said ‘ It should be the power of our vote, not the size of our bank account, that drives our democracy”.
(vi) Forbearance and accommodative spirit of the candidates: There have been lots of mud sling and accusations from the opponents and trolling on the candidates like Hekani Jakhalu Kense and GB Kahuto Chishi in social media but they took the criticism maturely and we didn’t see any negative reaction from them.
(vii) We have also seen a cousin brother of Jacob Zhimomi who shifted to another assembly constituency to pave a way for his cousin brother in a spirit of accommodation to avoid grudges within the family.
True to its stature as major and advance tribe in Nagaland,Sumis have successfully introduced a TREND naga society needed the most. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS……
S.Chaidok Phom, Assistant Director of Industries & Commerce, Kohima

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