Monday, November 28, 2022

Acute power blackout at Phek neighborhoods

Power outages in an around Phek headquarters is not a new trend and citizens are not strangers to regular blackouts. But this time, it seems to be going beyond reasonability. Since 11th Oct., there has been no electric power supply in some villages around Phek town like Lozaphuhu, Losami & Lanezho and ignorant villagers has no clue of what has happened. Even if electricity comes for few moment, it blinks which is as good as no power. Perhaps, one of the consequences of officers’ absenteeism that District Offices has come to wrought with, directing the field and offices from the comfort of Kohima and Dimapur while the over strained lower staff are often made to bear the brunt of public wrath. Covid-19 has changed the way things function and regular electricity and good internet connectivity has become the san qua non for many things to function. Especially students, teachers, researchers, educational institutions, work-from-home office people, time bound online works, entrepreneurs, workers whose machinery is power driven, etc. gets terribly affected whenever there is power failure or poor net connectivity. In the past, we hardly see neighboring Manipur villages lighted while Nagaland villages remained lighted but today it is becoming opposite. It is so unfortunate that while other states are going forward, we are advancing backward. Depriving of electricity is no less a violation of basic human right enshrine in the Constitution of India in Article 25 (1) & Article 39 (a) under Right to Adequate Standard of Living under Socio-economic right and enforceable by the court of law. We earnestly appeal to the authorities to restore power supply.
Zhokusheyi Rhakho

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