Tuesday, December 6, 2022

ACYA sports meet begins


The three-day annual sports meet of Angami Catholic Youth Association (ACYA) began Friday at Loyala Higher Secondary School Jakhama.
Chakhesang Catholic Youth Association (CCYA) led by its president Zhovi David Zholia graced the introductory session as special guest.
The sports event began with a choir competition singing the ACYA anthem where 30 participants each from the affiliated units took part in the competition.
Addressing the gathering, Zholia lauded the Catholic youth of the Angami tribe for sowing seeds of the faith, even among the Chakhesang tribe. The Angamis, he observed, were one of the best and educated tribes, creating bond and building brotherhood to foster peace and unity.
ACYA sports committee convenor, Kevitsu Peter, in his remark termed sports and music were forces of unity. He highlighted how the annual sporting event brings youths together under one roof, strengthening the bonds of people. He informed that besides games like futsal, penalty shootout, and volleyball, other activities including a walkathon in the form of a Pilgrimage will be undertaken.
Over 300 delegates from five regions including Northern ACYA, Southern ACYA, Western ACYA, Kohima Town ACYA, and Chakhroma ACYA, are camping for the sports meet.
In choral competition, Western ACYA emerged as the champion followed by Kohima town ACYA and Northern ACYA in second and third positions respectively. The judges of the competition were Vituonyü Victor (Northern), Kekuneil Henry (Southern), Rokoshüno Angela (Chakhroma), Aba Albert (Kohima Town) and Rüülhubi Felix (Western).
The first day concluded with the recital of the rosary.
The second day will begin with the unfurling of the flag by ACYA advisor Zeneikho Benedict. The event is hosted by Jakhama Catholic Youth Association.

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