Friday, December 9, 2022

Address challenges by rethinking,restructuring, Imnatiba tells Aos


The advisor of Industries & Commerce, Labour & Employment, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Imnatiba on Saturday, asserted that a time has come for members of the Ao community to “rethink and restructure” in order to address challenges that lie ahead, and to reap the opportunities at present.
Speaking at the golden jubilee celebration of Kohima Jangpetkong Senso Telongjem (KJST) at Molu Ki on the theme, “Kumkumshidi” (rejuvenation), Imnatiba stated that amid the apparent disintegration Naga society was going through, Aos should take up the responsibility to “unite and integrate the Nagas”.
He stressed that retiring bureaucrats should use their expertise by setting up centres for learning and researches instead of contesting elections, which, he said, was the trend in present times.
In his address, advisor of National Highways, Treasuries and Accounts, Dr Longrineken said that a solution to the vexed Naga political issue may “eventually be on the way” with many speculating that it may arrive by December or January.
Senior advocate, Gauhati High Court, Kohima Bench, C. T Jamir pointed out that there was a huge trust deficit in the society that could be easily seen in the relationship between elected representatives and their constituents.
Jamir stated that the political system in Naga society has taken a form where the electoral see leaders as thieves and elected see constituents as leeches, which, he said, was detrimental to the progress of the society.
He also highlighted the need for Aos in particular and Nagas in general to be ready to adopt new approaches and new techniques in a society that was constantly changing and stressed on the need to value the importance of honesty.
Further, Jamir stressed on need for Naga society to consider their cultures and traditions as their greatest strengths.
Amenba Yaden, MLA, urged upon the gathering to remember the contribution of pioneers and encouraged them to contemplate on how to best contribute to society.
Jubilee Resolution Committee member, Er Moa Aier informed that as part of the jubilee celebration, the committee resolved to give thanks to the Almighty for blessing the union over 50 years; to set up an education trust and build a multi-purpose hall in Kohima for livelihood opportunities and venue for events.
KJST also resolved to invest in Agri and Allied sector and help farmers and entrepreneurs in exploring uncharted territories with the vision to bring in economic and social development.
It may be mentioned that Jangpetkong is one of the six ranges, comprised of 10 villages—Changki, Chungliyimsen, Khar, Mongchen, Dibuia, Waromung, Imjenkimong, Molungyimsen, Molungkimong, and Luyong.

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