Sunday, March 26, 2023

Advisory for PM’s visit to Kohima on March 7

In view of the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a host of Central dignitaries for the swearing in of the new government at Capital Cultural Hall, Kohima on March 7, the entire Kohima municipal area has been declared a “No Drone Zone” as part of security arrangements.
Accordingly, PRO Kohima police in a notification said that flying of any remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) such as drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), etc, will be restricted. The police warned that violation of the directive would amount to suspension or cancellation of UIN/UAOP of the RPA issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and would be prosecuted under relevant section of laws.
Traffic advisory: The Kohima Police has also issued a traffic advisory for March 7 for compliance by all concerned. As per the notification, Classic Island to Phoolbari via TCP Gate and Phoolbari to 1st Assam Rifles Main Gate via Ao Church have been declared “No Parking Zones”.
The police have cautioned that all obstructing vehicles would be towed as per provisions of Section 201 of Motor Vehicles Act, and towing charges would be recovered from the owners.
Further, all down vehicle traffic from PHQ Junction area will be diverted to Lady Miles Road via Classic Island, all up vehicle traffic from High School junction/Bayavu will be diverted to Kohimas Hospital-Naga Bazar Road-NHAK Junction via Census Point and all vehicles proceeding towards Razhü Point from North PS junction area will be diverted to New Market-Naga Bazar Road. PRO sought cooperation from all citizens during the enforcement of this traffic regulation.
Schools to remain shut within Kohima city: Meanwhile, in view of the security measures being undertaken such as restrictions on movement of people and vehicles in various parts of Kohima on account of the scheduled arrival of the Prime Minister and dignitaries, all schools located in Kohima city would remain closed on March 7. However, those Schools where students would appear for examinations would function as usual.
Informing this in a notification, principal director School Education Thavaseelan K further said that schools located outside the limits of Kohima may function as usual and heads of schools have been asked to check the traffic advisory issued by the authorities and advise students accordingly.


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