Sunday, March 26, 2023

After meet with Eastern Nagaland Legislators’ Union (ENLU) & MP (Rajya Sabha), Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) reaffirms boycott of State polls


Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) has reaffirmed its decision on all intending candidates for the scheduled 2023 general elections under ENPO area, to not participate in it but support of the demand for Frontier Nagaland state.
Reaffirmation of the boycott call was resolved after a joint consultative meeting held at DUDA guest house Kohima Wednesday. The meeting was attended by ENPO, Eastern Nagaland Legislators’ Union (ENLU), MP (Rajya Sabha) S. Phangnon Konyak and ENPO federating units on the course of action for a separate ‘Frontier Nagaland’ state. It may be recalled that ENPO had given the call earlier in pursuance of its resolution adopted at the August 26 consultative meeting.
Addressing media persons after the joint consultative meeting, ENPO president Tsapikyu Sangtam said the elected members and federating units were apprised of the resolution at the August 26 joint consultative meeting of ENPO with selected leaders of Eastern Nagaland, talk team, seven tribal bodies and frontal organisations.
The August 26 meeting had unanimously resolved that “people of Eastern Nagaland shall not participate in any election process of the State and Central” unless their demand for a separate Frontier Nagaland was fulfilled.
Sangtam acknowledged that elected members by virtue of having taken oath under the Constitution of India, had nothing to say but stressed that people’s voice must also be heeded.
He recalled that ENPO had submitted representations to the Central government in October and November 2021. However, in view of no response from the Centre, he said the ENPO was compelled to take the decision of not participating in the ensuing Assembly election. He reiterated that everything solely depended on New Delhi over the state demand but warned that ENPO would go ahead with its boycott resolution.
Regarding the elected members of ENLU, Sangtam said they were in the government and ENPO could not impose anything upon them.
Asked about the stand on Naga political issue and the demand for Frontier Nagaland, he explained that the Naga political issue and demand for separate State were two different issues and did not contradict each other. He clarified that ENPO’s demand was for a separate State within Indian Union and therefore it would not suppress or sabotage the Nagas peace process. He also said ENPO had already briefed the negotiating parties in this regard.
Also speaking to media persons, ENLU secretary and Adviser Land Resources CL John acknowledged that the demand for Frontier Nagaland had started in 2010 and that it was a people’s movement. He said the issue was discussed in the State Assembly in 2012 and a representation was forwarded to the Central government.
However, on the issue of conducting elections, John said the decision was with the Centre since it was a constitutional mandate.
On whether there was any likelihood for granting a separate state– Frontier Nagaland- John said the ball was in the court of Government of India.


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