Saturday, June 10, 2023

After spending Rs 450 crore, Bhopal BRTS to be removed

The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department’s slogan “MP ajab hai, sab se gajab hai” has been much-talked about, but it is 100 per cent right in the context of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) as Rs 450 crore have been spent in making and maintaining it, and now the government may dismantle it.

In a recent event in the state capital, the government representatives said that BRTS is a nuisance for people and that the decision to implement it was wrong and it should be removed.

In Bhopal, a 24 km-long, BRTS was made in the middle of the road on which only city buses were run. When this corridor was made, it was said that it will provide easy public transport to more and more people.

State Urban Development and Housing Minister Bhupendra Singh said, from time to time, demands for removal of the BRTS are being made and the government has also taken note of it.

Instead of facilitating people, the BRTS is causing problems for them. Till the time it is not removed in Bhopal, it will be thrown open for the public for five hours.

State Medical Education Minister Vishvas Sarang said that the BRTS corridor has been creating problems and it should be uprooted and thrown out.

If what the two ministers say is followed, then around Rs 450 crore will have been wasted.

State Congress President Abbas Haffex said that the ministers’ statements reveal that the government’s decision was short sighted.

“It is wastage of taxpayers’ money. The government should fix the responsibility on the ministers and officials who made this project,” Abbas added..

Construction of the BRTS started in 2009 and in 2011, it was constructed from Lalghati Chauraha to Veer Savarkar Setu to Board office Chauraha. In 2009, Rs 250 crore were spent on it while over Rs 200 crore have been spent on its maintenance.


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