Sunday, January 29, 2023

AGEI women conference, OAGC anniv concludes

A three-day The Assemblies of God of East India (AGEI) Nagaland 25th Women Conference of Wokha session-cum- 60th anniversary celebration of Okotso Assembly of God Church (OAGC) concluded on January 10 at Okotso Village.
A press release by AGEI Nagaland informed that the programme was held under the theme, “Challenges and Response to the Situation” (Esther 4:14) with general superintendent, AGEI, Rev. Moses Murry; superintendent A.G. Nagaland, Rev. Tusaya Kath; coordinator, women ministry AGEI, Esther Murry; president, women ministry, Wokha section, Rosalyn Ezung and vice president, Women ministry, Wokha section, Zareni Odyuo as speakers.
The speakers spoke on the theme and encouraged the believers especially the women to arise and face the challenges with fasting and prayers in all situations.
They also reminded the congregation of the end days and cautioned them against the works of the devil to destroy children, society and the church. The speakers asked the congregation to be alert and cautious of the enemy’s schemes and be prayerful in all situation.
At the end of the programme, a candle light service was conducted symbolising that “we are the light of the world in the darkness.”

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