Sunday, June 4, 2023

Aghünaqa Area Students’ Union expresses dismay over inadequate facilities

Aghünaqa Area Students’ Union (AASU) conducted educational tour from June 22 to 27.
In a press release issued by president, AASU, Ikato Khulu, and general secretary, Angukato Awomi, it stated that the team visited all 37 villages under Aghünaqa block with an objective to ascertain the overall development and infrastructure of government schools in each village, to curb out ‘proxy culture’ and to ensure quality education. In addition, it is also aimed to inspect availability of teaching faculties in every school.
During the tour, AASU found that many schools had been functioning without adequate faculties and facilities, most infrastructures were either damaged or worn-out and hence expressed dismay and urged state government to look into the matter at the earliest.
President, AASU opined that matters would soon become considerably worse if the state government delayed its response and would subsequently “jeopardize the students’ future”.
Further, the president also stated that a letter of memorandum to concerned department would be written for necessary actions.


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