Friday, March 24, 2023

Agnipath will make army more capable: Maj Gen RS Guraya

Staff Reporter

A day after the union government unveiled “Agnipath” scheme for the recruitment of soldiers in the Army, Navy and the Air Force on a four-year short-term contractual basis, the chief of staff, 3 Corps HQ, Maj Gen. RS Guraya, expressed confidence that the new change would bring new and vigorous confidence in the Indian army making it more stronger and capable.
Briefing the media persons about the key features of the scheme at Rangapahar Military Station here on Wednesday, Maj Gen Guraya highlighted the benefits of scheme for armed forces, individuals and the nation and eligibility.
Even with the implementation of the scheme, he stated that the army will continue to retain the rich legacy, history, traditional, military values and cultural based on the cohesiveness, comradery spirit and the honour code “Nam, Namak aur Nishan”.
Maj Gen assured that during the implementation and stabilization of the scheme, army’s potential, capabilities and preparedness along the border and the availability to deal with internal security challenges would be fully maintained.
He said that the “Angiveers” would be fully stimulated and integrated into the organization, wherein they could contribute immensely towards the nation building process.
Maj Gen clarified that the exercise has nothing to do with the budget of Indian army and had no correlation. He said that, in fact, in short term there could be increase of revenue expenditure then cutting down the expenses.
On the differences of opinion regarding the announcement of scheme, the Maj Gen said that “Change is law of nature, if we don’t change we break, we have to embrace change and move forward with that”.
Stating that there would be different opinion, he said that everyone in the country has their own opinion and everyone must in a democratic society. Maj Gen said that the scheme has been considered for quite some time, adding that deliberations have happened with all stakeholders and pros and cons have been discussed. He said that only then the decision was taken in the government level. Maj Gen maintained that the scheme should be given a chance in order to find out whether it will be successful or not.


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