Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) blocks conduct trainings and demonstrations

DIMAPUR: Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) blocks conducted various trainings and demonstrations for the farmers across the state.
Phomching block: ATMA Mon Phomching block conducted frontline demonstration on “package and practices of cucurbits” on March 25 at Yuching village. Resource person, ATM Diezelenuo Chucha demonstrated on field bed preparation and sowing of cucurbits following pit method.

Wakching Block: ATMA Mon Wakching block conducted training on integrated farming system models IFS on March 24 at Tanhai Village. The resource person, ATM Wanshom Konyak emphasised on ensuring maximum utilization and conservation of available resources and effective recycling of farm residues within the system.
Angjangyang block: ATMA Mon Angjangyang block organised a day long training on “intercropping of maize and French beans” on March 25 at Farm School, Changlang village. ATM Leiwang Konyak emphasised the importance and benefits of intercropping practices.
Mon block: ATMA Mon block conducted a demonstration programme on “nursery bed preparation of brinjal” on March 25at Lampong Shanghah Village. The resource person, ATM Khriezelhou Seyie shared about proper site selection, size of the bed and the sowing method.
In a different training, District administration Mon in collaboration with NSRLM Mon and ATMA Mon organised a training on Mushroom production technology on March 23 at the Council Hall, Mon under the aegis of “Beti Pachao Beti Padhao” (BBBP) Mon.
Aboi block: ATMA Mon, Aboi block conducted training on “nursery bed preparation and management of solanaceous crops” on March 24 at Ngangching village. The resource person, ATM Linota Chophy emphasised on the profound implication in food security and nutrition in recent times.
Tizit block: ATMA Mon, Tizit block conducted demonstration on the topic, “nursery bed preparation of chilli and tomato” on March 25 at Lapa Lampong Village. The resource person, BTM K. Mhonchumo highlighted on the importance of site selection for nursery bed preparation, seed selection and optimum spacing.
Chen block: ATMA Mon, Chen block conducted demonstration on “package of practices of okra” on March 25 at Chenmoho Village. The resource person, ATM Taiching Yana emphasised on site selection, proper tillage and importance of irrigation for optimum growth and fruiting in okra.
Longleng block:ATMA Longleng block organised district farmers training on the topic, “Insect pest management of paddy” on March 25 at the office of Project Director ATMA and District Sericulture officer. Resource person, technical officer Agri extension, KVK, Longleng, Yuimi Raising highlighted on the persistence of insect pest in almost all the fields causing moderate to severe loss of the crops.
Dhansiripar block: ATMA Dimapur Dhansiripar block organised training for ginger growers on the topic “scientific cultivation practices of ginger” on March 21at Toshezu village. Resource person, AO & BTT Convener, Arenjungla highlighted various aspects of scientific cultivation practices of ginger by using organic means and beneficial impact it would have on overall health of plant as well as that of the soil and environment.
Medziphema block: ATMA Medziphema block conducted within district farmers training and demonstration on March 23-25 at Seitheke Basa, Zhuikhu and Tsüüma villages. The trainings were conducted on mushroom cultivation, while demonstrations on soil sampling, line sowing of sweet corn variety F1 ICHIBAN-111 and nursery bed preparation of chilly were conducted.
Aghunaqa block: ATMA Aghunaqa block on March 22 conducted a training on “cultivation of oyster mushroom”, where the resource person, BTM Aghunaqa block emphasized on importance of selecting and sterilizing mushroom house before starting cultivation of mushroom. A demonstration also was conducted on the topic package of practices of okra by ATM, Aketoli Chophy.
Longkhim block: ATMA Tuensang Longkhim block conducted training and demonstration programme on March 23 at Longkhim village. Training was organised on preparation of detergent dish wash by BTM Arenla BTM and BTT convenor Hopise A.I gave a demonstration on preparation of nursery bed for tomato and proper transplantation methods were highlighted.


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