Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Agricultural Technology Management Agency Sechü-Zubza conduct demonstration

Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Sechü-Zubza conducted demonstration and training on April 12-13 at Khonoma and Sechü-Zubza respectively.
In a press release, ATMA official stated that demonstration was conducted on “ package of practices of French beans and hybrid maize (HQPM-1)” with BTM, Kajini Isabella Zinyü as the resource person by ATMA Sechü-Zubza. Farmers were given hands-on demonstration on field preparation, line sowing and spacing for both the vegetable crops.
The block also conducted a training on “Oyster mushroom cultivation” at Sechü-Zubza with ATM, Ketsivino Nakhro as the resource person.
She spoke on methods of cultivation practices of mushroom, its nutritional and medicinal properties as well as its economic benefits, which was followed by hands-on training with equal participation of farmers and functionaries.


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