Saturday, November 26, 2022

AH&VS department capacitates poultry satellite farms

In view of occurrence of African Swine Fever (AFS) in the state and in an effort to mitigate shortage of meat produce due to spread of AFS, department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services (AH&VS) has begun to promote poultry farming.
According to a DIPR report, due to AFS the demand and supply gap of pork was likely to widen during the current year 2022 as it is affecting backyard piggery farmers of the State.
Thus, to mitigate the shortage of meat in the state, the department of AH&VS) was promoting poultry farming as it has shorter gestation period of marketing age and was also easily available and popular menu in Naga cuisine.
Accordingly, the department on June 10 has capacitated ten poultry satellite farms under NEC project having a capacity of 300 grower birds per cycle in presence of additional secretary, Chisi Thou and additional director and HoD, Dr. Nsanthung Ezung.
The ten poultry satellite farms are spread across Dimapur, Chumukedima, Peren and Nuiland districts which can rear 3000 number of birds and was expected to produce 7.13 tonnes of chicken for table purpose in one cycle of production. (i.e., after two months of rearing).
During the formal capacitation programme, the officials present encouraged the entrepreneurs to take up the farming with sincerity and dedication and to present their problems especially in technical matter through the online platform which was already created.
Issues of bulk / retail marketing, farming economic, formation of tertiary SHGs’ and other forward and backward linkages were also discussed with the entrepreneurs.
Further, Project Director Dr. Simon Ao informed the farmers, that not only the satellite farms, but through the NEC project, even other entrepreneurs, Self Help Groups (SHGs), societies, woman groups etc. could avail such facilities especially fully vaccinated poultry birds for rearing on business mode.

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