Friday, January 27, 2023

AIDA-SBI Gram Seva distributes goats for livestock

The SBI Gram Seva Programme implemented by ANMA Integrated Development Association (AIDA), Dimapur distributed a pair of goats (nanny) to 14 beneficiaries from Diezephe and Urra villages.
A press release AIDA Dimapur informed that the objective of the intervention of livestock development under this programme was to provide opportunities for generating income in the shortest possible time among the women folks in the villages.
The programme was also to improve the socio-economic condition of the women by empowering them economically and to provide a platform to strive towards business entrepreneurship.
The primary beneficiaries will donate one goat (nanny) to the next new beneficiary in the village for the continuation of the entrepreneurship programme.
This practice will bring about a system in order to raise the economic standard of the people as well as to reduce poverty among the villagers.
The release stated that the motto behind this programme was that each one helps another person to grow together towards achieving livelihood for all.
The handing over of 28 she goats was carried out in Diezephe and Urra villages ne by AIDA-SBI Gram Seva Livelihood Officer, KT. Khino Anal and convergence officer, Mhonlumi Ezung in the presence of GSC president of Urra, Neizovotuo and the village elders.

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