Monday, October 2, 2023

AKM demands restoration of Jio service

Discontented with the Jio Telecom service in Mokokchung, the Ao Students’ Conference (AKM), the apex students’ body in Mokokchung district has demanded immediate restoration of the service in the district. In a letter to Jio Point Manager, Mokokchung, AKM president Lanutoshi Aier and general secretary, Satemmongba said that Jio Telecom services in Mokokchung district has been consistently poor, with daily network fluctuations over the past few months.

Due to the poor services with little to no connectivity at times, students assignments, office communications and necessary transactions which rely on internet services, have been affected.

Therefore, in the interest of all concerned, the AKM strongly urged the Jio Telecom services providers in Mokokchung to genuinely improve the internet and connectivity services within one week. Failing which, AKM cautioned that it will be compelled to initiate its own course of action as deemed fit.


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