Tuesday, March 28, 2023

AKM pay homage to Oting victims

Members of AKM, KSU and Oting Village Council.

DIMAPUR: In solidarity with the Oting incident, the Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) visited Mon district on March 2 and met with the stakeholders.
AKM president, Nungdokyanger Ao and general secretary, Nekmi Longkumer in a press release stated that entourage was led by the AKM president where they met the Oting Village Council and paid homage to the late brothers, the fallen victims of December 4, 2021, in the hands of Indian Security Forces.
During an interaction with the Oting Village Council members, the AKM made a resolute statement stating that the “innocent blood soaked in the land is still fresh” and affirmed to raise its voice until justice is delivered.
AKM also stated that it will continue to stand with the Konyak brothers and Naga in every issue, asserting that “we are being treated like domesticated animals, slaughtering under the pretext of AFSPA”.
In this regard, AKM said it opposed the enforcement of AFSPA and will stand against the removal of AFSPA from the land.
It therefore, urged all Naga people to come forward for a common front to pressure the Government of India to remove AFSPA from “our land”.
Meanwhile, according to the release, the Oting council expressed gratitude to all the organizations, churches, civil societies and NGOs for visiting Oting in the hour of their sorrow in solidarity with them.
Later, during a meeting with Konyak Students’ union (KSU), the AKM stated that the Oting incident reflected the very true inhuman treatment rendered by the Security force to the Naga people. AKM stated that if India claimed to be the largest democracy in the world, then they should remove the draconian Act (AFSPA) from the entire North East.
Ao Students’ Conference and Konyak Students’ union further appealed to the Naga family to unite as one to fight against atrocity inflicted by the Indian security Force and repeal AFSPA which was against the United Nations- Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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