Saturday, March 25, 2023

Alleged assault of GB Nungying condemned

The Patton Kikon Okho (PKO) of Nungying village under Wokha district has vehemently condemned the alleged physical assault on GB of Nungying village by unidentified masked miscreants on February 3, 2023.
In a condemnation note, PKO chairman, P. Nchumo Kikon and secretary, Mosen Kikon said that at around 10 pm, 10 to 15 unidentified miscreants wearing mask entered Nungying village and “mercilessly assaulted Orinimo Kikon GB of Nungying village and Loreni Kikon daughter of Wobemo Kikon without any reason.
PKO said since GBs were considered custodian to the Naga customary law, the action by “unruly perpetrators” should be condemned by all.
The Okho said that the incident has not only affected the concerned individual and family but have created fear and insecurity among the villagers.
The Okho therefore appeal to all the Nungying villagers to come together and fight against those perpetrators who were trying to instill fear and insecurity in the village.
PKO appealed to the concerned authority of the area to look into the matter seriously and ensure that justice be delivered to the victims at the earliest. The Okho further cautioned that failing to initiate action, it will remain silent and will be compelled to take up the matter as deemed fit.

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