Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘Allow Jewish settlement in Gaza after war ends’

Several rightwing organisations in Israel have started mounting pressure on the Benjamin Netanyahu government to allow settlements of Jewish people in Gaza once the war ends.

Eleven prominent rightwing organisations have come together for resettlement in Gaza and Northern Samaria. The move is headed by Yossi Daggan head of the Samaria Regional Council and the Nahala movement.

Daggan, while speaking to media persons in Tel Aviv on Friday, said that only resettlement will provide security to Israel and added that victory against Hamas will come only after settlements come back in Northern Gaza.

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He said that settlement of Jewish people was linked to security in the region and called upon the government to resettle Jewish population in the areas immediately after the war ends.

The coalition of right wing organisations have asked the government of Israel to take initiative for resettlement in Northern Gaza as a first step and then expand it to former Jewish settlements like Nitzan, El Sinai and Dugit that are close to Ashkilon.

On October 7, Hamas unleashed a major attack in Ashkelon which borders Gaza.

Zviv Elimelech of the Nahala movement, in a statement on Friday, said that there was a need for widespread resettlement of Jewish population in throughout Gaza and said that the Gaza withdrawal following the Oslo accords have to be nullified.



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