Wednesday, December 7, 2022

AMAM hosts national autocross championship

The two-day, Indian National Autocross Championship (INAC) hosted by Adventure and Motorsport Association Mokokchung (AMAM), in collaboration with the Bangalore Motor Sports under the aegis of FMSCI came to an end on November 4 at Rempukong, Ungma, Mokokchung.
Earlier, Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) speaker, Sharingain Longkumer flagged off the championship.
In his speech, Sharingain urged the Indian Federation of Motorsports Council India (FMSCI) to nurture local talents stating that there was no shortage of talents in Nagaland when it comes to sports.
He informed to the gathering that the venue has been identified for the laying of astroturf football ground.
President, AMAM, Moasashi Jamir expressed hope that the event will help in fostering friendships and unity among the motorsports enthusiast.
He thanked the INAC, Bangalore Motorsports Association and FMSCI for coming to a remote and interior place like Mokokchung.
AMAM has organised several motorcross events in the past, this is the first national championships hosted by the association.
Around 50 participants took part in the champions with seven participants from outside Nagaland.
Winners list:
INAC-1 Open
1st: Anguzo; 2nd:Alem I. Jamir; 3rd: Heikuozo Keyho
INAC-1 Below 2000CC
1st: Ana Solo; 2nd: Neikuozo Keyho; 3rd: ThejaKire
INAC-1 Below 1650CC
1st: Ana Solo; 2nd: Tomito; 3rd: Neikuozo Keyho
INAC-2 Open
1st: Ronan Bazely; 2nd: Kamalesh Das; 3rd: Andy Mawrie
INAC-2 Below 1650CC
1st: Obeth Shitio, 2nd: Subroto Bhowmick
INAC-3 Open
1st: SanenLkr, 2nd: Among Jamir, 3rd: Sunep Jamir
INAC-3 Below 1650CC
1st: Ruokuoueito, 2nd: Thejangngulie, 3rd: Tzudiyong Jamir
INAC-4 Below 1400CC
1st: SanenLkr, 2nd: Theja Kire, 3rd: Apong Jamir
AutoX 2022
Meanwhile, the 6th edition of Mokokchung AutoX 2022 was also conducted at Rempukong, Ungma, Mokokchung on November 5.
The event was hosted by Adventure and Motorsport Association Mokokchung (AMAM) and in this edition women category was also included and even a female driver participated along with her counterparts in the rookie category.
Approximately 60 competitors- Spearhead Motorsport Initiative, Nagaland Adventure Club, Kohima Motorsports Club, Street Kings, MSAM (Meghalaya), AMAM and P Vishito Motorsports Club competed in four categories- Ladies Class, Rookie Class, SUV Class and Open.
Ladies Class
Champion: Asibeiu Chupuo
1st runner up: Amenla
2nd runner up: Aochila
Rookie Class
Champion: Akho Phom
1st runner up: Lima Kichu
2nd runner up: ImlitulokImsong
SUV Class
Champion: Anguzo
1st runner up: Kamalesh Das
2nd runner up: Imlitulok Imsong
Open Class
Champion: Alem I Jamir
1st runner up: Tomito V Shohe
2nd runner up: Obeth Shitio
Fastest Driver: Alem I Jamir

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